The Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is a registered non-profit society. In 2003, when the animal control contract between the Township of Langley and the SPCA expired, a dedicated group of volunteers stepped up. Eager to see a positive change in the way lost and abandoned animals were cared for in Langley, they lobbied the government for a municipally run animal shelter. After six long months, the animal control contract was awarded to them and the Langley Animal Protection Society was born. A partnership was also formed with the City of Langley.

SinceĀ 2003, LAPS Animal Control Officers have responded to dog and large animal complaints promptly and professionally. Thanks to their caring and dedication, LAPS has reduced the number of repeat complaints by 50% and has helped make the City and Township of Langley safer for people and animals alike.

In 2009, LAPS moved from its dilapidated, falling down shelter into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility named in the honour of LAPS founding member, Patti Dale. This new shelter was designed with the physical and mental health of the animals in mind. Private kennels for dogs and places to hide and perch for cats provide a low stress environment and contribute to their overall wellbeing. Isolation areas for both cats and dogs allow staff to care for sick animals and help prevent the spread of disease. Thanks to this new building, LAPS can continue to contribute to the welfare of Langley’s animals in need.

What We Do

The Langley Animal Protection Society’s mandate is to promote the physical, emotional and psychological well being of companion animals in Langley. We carry out our mandate through the use of professional and humane animal control methods and innovative animal welfare programs.

As the animal control service provider for the Township and City of Langley, LAPS responds to and investigates complaints from the public seven days a week. From stray dogs to cattle running loose to dogs biting humans, LAPS Animal Control Officers meet each challenge with public safety and animal welfare in mind. Since 2005, LAPS has taken a proactive approach to dog licensing by sending canvassers out into the community. From March to October the canvassers go door-to-door selling licences. The canvassers sell an average of 3000 licences every year and have helped LAPS increase the number of licensed dogs by 180%!

Since 2003, LAPS has worked hard to make the welfare of the shelter animals its top priority. Our unparalleled animal enrichment programs reduce stress and keep the animals healthier and happier while they wait for new homes. Thorough adoption procedures ensure that LAPS dogs and cats find the best possible homes. We also help the animals living in the community though our pet food bank and our Trap, Neuter, Release program for free-living cats. You can read more about these programs here.