Langley is home to an estimated 21,000 free-living and feral cats. To help address the cat overpopulation crisis, LAPS has partnered with several vets in the Langley community. Every year we use donation dollars to purchase 240 cat spay and neuter certificates. These certificates are available to residents of Langley who can’t afford to spay or neuter their pet.

We also use these certificates to help control the feral and free-living cat population in Langley. Feral cats are a growing concern across Canada. They multiply quickly and can spread diseases to other felines. LAPS advocates “Trap, Neuter, Release” programs when dealing with feral cat colonies. By sterilizing the cats, we can curb population growth and prevent new breeding groups from moving in. For more information on feral cats visit

If you need a spay or neuter certificate for your cat or for a feral cat that you have caught, please stop by the Patti Dale Animal Shelter. Proof that you are a Langley resident is required.