LAPS is dedicated to providing high-quality care to the animals that stay with us. Living in a shelter can be stressful for dogs and cats. Constant exposure to strange sights, sounds and smells keep them in a constant state of arousal that can contribute to health and behavioural problems.

Fortunately, the Patti Dale Animal Shelter is specially designed to house dogs and cats with minimal stress. A combination of environmental and social enrichment helps keep the animals physically and mentally healthy until they can find a loving home.

All LAPS dogs benefit from a minimum of six daily exercise sessions in our play yards plus exercise and social interaction with volunteers and one-on-one time with trainers. Toys and treats, such as bones or stuffed Kongs, help keep the dogs occupied while they are in their kennels.

The cats benefit mainly from environmental enrichment. They live in unique cat “condos” designed with separate eating, sleeping and litter box areas, plus plenty of places for the cats to hide and perch.  Cats that enjoy company live in our communal cat rooms. All of our cat rooms are equipped with fully-enclosed outdoor exercises areas.

LAPS’ housing and enrichment protocols are cutting-edge in the shelter world. The most common illnesses in animal shelters involve the upper respiratory system, particularly in cats. Compared to the industry average, LAPS has an extraordinarily low rate of these illnesses. Providing low stress housing and environmental and social enrichment helps keep the animals healthy and ensures that they don’t succumb to health issues common to most shelters.