Involving children in fundraising is a great way to raise money, teach responsibility and develop a sense of community spirit. To help get you and your children started, we’ve come up with a few fundraising ideas that will allow kids to take the lead and make a difference for a cause they care about.


Ask guests to donate to LAPS in lieu of birthday gifts. Finacial contributions are always appreciated or your child’s guests can pick an item off our wish list.

Bottle Drive

Start out a week or two in advance by distributing flyers around your neighbourhood notifying residents that your child will be coming around on a set date to collect bottles and cans to raise money for LAPS. On the designated date, go door to door and collect the donations. Take them to your local recycling centre and convert those empties into cash for Langley’s animals in need!

Car Wash

Car washes are an old fundraising stand by. Pick a location with lots of water, set up flashy signs to attract great customers and bring a truckload of enthusiasm!

Community Dog Show

A community dog show is a fun way to raise money for Langley’s lost, abandoned and homeless animals while celebrating the four-legged friendsthat are already part of you life. Sit down with your kids and organize a date and time for other neighbourhood children and their parents to come and showcase their pooches. For a suggested donation, dogs can strut their stuff in classes such as Best Trick, Best Costume and Waggiest Tail.