Because we care so much about finding the perfect home for our dogs, we take extra time to carefully match our pups with the right family. Before LAPS dogs go up for adoption, they go through a temperament assessment. This helps us learn more about them and figure out what type of home to place them in. All potential adopters go through an interview with a trainer, a scheduled home visit and three dog obedience lessons prior to taking a dog home.

If you’re looking to add a member to your family, a LAPS trainer will walk you through the process. They’ll help you every step of the way, from figuring out exactly what kind of dog fits your lifestyle to preparing your home for the new addition.

 Before going to their new homes, all LAPS dogs receive a minimum of three weeks obedience training at the shelter or at our our training facility at the Fraser Valley Institution. And it doesn’t stop there – you’ll have the support of your dog’s LAPS trainer for the rest of his or her life. Being a pet parent can be hard work and your trainer will help you through any tough times.

Thanks to our unique and innovative adoption program, LAPS boasts an industry leading adoption success rate of 95%. The time and training LAPS dog receive helps them become the best doggy citizens they can be. And our commitment to placing the right dog in the right home increases each dogs chance of success with their new family.

If you are interested in a LAPS dog, please contact the shelter at 604-857-5055 and speak with that dog’s trainer.