LAPS has volunteer opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Community Service Workers
LAPS is proud to provide opportunities for community service workers to fulfill their hours of volunteer time. We work in partnership with Langley Community Corrections and the Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives Association (CJI). Community service workers help staff with a variety of tasks from dish washing to shelter cleaning to yard maintenance. Their contributions allow staff to dedicate more time to the thousands of animals who pass through LAPS every year.

Special Needs Volunteers
LAPS works with a variety of organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for some of our special needs citizens. Under the guidance of responsible caregivers, our volunteers help staff with many jobs around the shelter, such as walking dogs, playing with cats and helping with general shelter chores and cleaning. This volunteer program helps participants develop a sense of purpose and gain work and life skills.

Special Partnerships
LAPS has developed a special partnership with the Douglas College Animal Health Technology program and Veterinary Office Assistant and Animal Care program. Students from both programs come with their instructors and conduct wellness exams for LAPS dogs and cats. This is a win-win situation – students get valuable hands-on experience and we have qualified professionals monitoring the health of our animals for free!