The LAPS Major’s Legacy Fund helps pet guardians who are low income or homeless with the basic necessities and veterinary care for their companion animal. Major’s legacy fund helps keep people and their pets together. The fund provides grants to applicants who require veterinary care for their dog or cat; gives food, litter, bedding and jackets to assist pet guardians; and hosts street clinics for our homeless community, bringing basic veterinary checkups, care, and basic necessities for their pets to them at a more central and easily accessible location. By assisting low income pet parents with vet care, food, and litter, the fund allows pets to stay in their homes rather than be surrendered to a shelter.

Pets have an incredibly positive impact on individuals and often have a particularly important relationship with vulnerable individuals, including those that are homeless. This relationship is often their main source of consistent companionship. Pets provide emotional comfort, warmth, security, and at times can be what keeps people in difficult circumstances going. Healthy communities include healthy animals.

Click here to donate to this fund and select “Major’s Legacy Fund” in the drop down menu.

Throughout the year homeless and low income pet guardians in Langley can apply for a Major’s Legacy Fund grant to help pay for veterinary care for their dog or cat. Applicants automatically qualify for assistance if they are on income assistance, disability, or old age pension.  Additionally, applicants will automatically qualify for assistance if they meet Statistics Canada’s low-income measure.

The application form can be found at the link here :

Major’s Legacy Fund Application

Please submit completed applications and supporting documents to or fax to 604-857-5057. Every application will be reviewed and responded to within seven days.

Note – if you have taken your pet to see a veterinarian and your application is for funding based on their recommendations, include the treatment plan with your application.