The Doghouse is a unique partnership between the Canadian Correctional Service (CSC) and LAPS located at the Fraser Valley Institution, a federal prison for women in Abbotsford. This program provides much needed services to members of the public, shelter dogs and program participants.

We know your pets are members of your family and leaving them at a kennel can be stressful. People who use our services can rest assured that their pets are receiving the best possible care. As a small kennel, we are able to provide more exercise time and more one-on-one interaction with people for your pet.

Shelter Dogs
Many dogs who come to LAPS have behavioural problems that make them challenging to adopt. At The Doghouse each dog is assigned to an individual female trainer who provides one-on-one interaction through play, exercise and training. Through positive reinforcement training and low-stress housing we improve their chances of finding permanent, loving homes in the community.

Program Participants
The K-9 program is an employment training program centered around a growing business. Program participants learn how to handle, train and groom dogs and acquire both industry-specific and general employment skills. Women who are eligible can volunteer or do work experience placements at the Patti Dale Animal Shelter.  Participants can work toward a variety of certificates, including:

Kennel Attendant Level 1 & 2
Groomer’s Aid
Canine First Aid
Professional Dog Trainer Certificate

The program provides an opportunity for the participants to develop friendships in a healthy and respectful environment. The dogs also provide a way to give and receive affection. LAPS believes this program can be a catalyst for change in the people who participate. It can give participants the skill, confidence and knowledge to pursue a career that they love.

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