What is the LAPS ISOasis?

The Cat Intake and Isolation Facility (ISOasis)  will a purpose built cat intake, isolation and recovery facility on the same site of the Patti Dale Animal Shelter. A sheltering first in Canada, the ISOasis will provide much needed space for the care of sheltered cats and kittens in our community. After years of seeing so many ill or injured cats and kittens from our community, a team of staff and volunteers dreamed a big dream on how to improve the care and space we provide for these needy cats. This purpose-built facility will provide dedicated isolation space, self-contained suites, an intake room, multi-purpose room, and a laundry room that will enhance the quality of life and reduce the time from intake to adoption, while limiting the spread of feline related diseases. The air will be filtered to ensure that air borne diseases are not spread and the climate will be carefully managed to promote the best environment for healing.  This will help cats get healthy faster and into new permanent homes so that we can help more cats in need.
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Please donate and support this amazing cause and ground-breaking initiative for cats!

Why does LAPS need an ISOasis?

LAPS needs an ISOasis because cats are important.  Although our animal shelter is state-of-the-art, it was designed for dogs and not to care for cats.  This means that we frequently have to use spaces meant for dogs for cats.  Operationally, this is challenging for staff and volunteers and it can have negative health and safety consequences.  Not only do cats often struggle more in shelters than dogs, but they are significantly more likely to be sick when brought into the shelter.  This means that cats have a greater need for isolation to recover without compromising the health of the entire shelter. The ISOasis will allow us to perform cat intake exams away from public areas to minimize the spread of disease and it will provide well designed spaces for them to await their new forever homes.

When will the LAPS ISOasis be built?

The ISOasis will be built on the same site as the Patti Dale Animal Shelter.  We have been working for more than a year with the best experts in the field of shelter medicine to create an exceptional facility that will meet our needs now and into the future.  With the strong support of the Township of Langley, Mark and Pat Du Mont, The Shewan Foundation, as well as many very generous donors from all over the world, we expect to start the project in the summer of 2017.  Thanks to our friends at ENM Construction we are able to go ahead with this project as they are generously donating their profits back to LAPS in order to build this facility within our budget. We have been working with Carscadden Stokes MacDonald Architect on the final design and we are very excited to get started on making this dream of ours a reality!

How can I help make the LAPS ISOasis a reality?

Although we have received amazing support so far, we still need more financial help before we can complete this building.  If you would like to make history by being a part of this project, please make a donation online here. We truly appreciate your support and see you as a true hero to animals. For any donation made to the ISOasis Building, the name of the donor will appear on The Wall of Heroes.


LAPS presents The Mews at ISOasis

The Langley Animal Protection Society presents The Mews at the ISOasis, luxury living for the most discerning of cats.


Thank you to our Major Sponsors:


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